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psychology services

What We Offer

Nova Psychology offers a variety of assessment and treatment services for our clientele. We welcome clients from all backgrounds and can address a wide range of presenting difficulties.  Our Edmonton Psychologists have varied areas of specializations which enable them to tailor completely personalized assessment and treatment plans for each of our clients. Each psychologist has been specifically chosen to help our clients move forward, overcome challenges and achieve their highest potential.

At Nova Psychology, our therapists are skilled in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, and Cantonese. We prioritize offering diverse language support to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Complimentary Consultation

Effective therapy is all about finding a “good fit”- both in terms of the connection you establish with your psychologist and the type of therapy selected. Nova takes great care in matching you to the right psychologist, according to a variety of different factors - such as your needs, goals, and learning style. Our complimentary consultations are for those who are unsure of whether or not counselling is for them, may have questions about the counselling process, or just want to see if we would be a good fit together!

Individual Therapy

Above all, we believe in and celebrate your uniqueness. To us, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to therapy. This is why our psychologists utilize a holistic model and personalized treatment plan. All of our psychologists are trained in multiple modalities which means they adapt their approach according to what they think you’ll benefit most from throughout your therapeutic journey. Individual sessions offer enhanced privacy and intimacy, key elements in encouraging honest sharing with your psychologist.

Virtual Therapy

Nova Psychology is pleased to offer virtual therapy, also known as ‘telehealth’ or ‘teletherapy’. These online virtual sessions are being offered through our secure online video platform.

All you need to get started:
· A fully functioning computer/laptop/phone or tablet with a webcam, speakers/headset, and microphone
· A reliable internet connection
· A quiet, distraction-free area where you feel comfortable to talk freely and openly about confidential matters.

Couples Therapy

Understanding the intricate and often complex dynamics of a relationship is our primary objective in couple’s therapy. Collaboratively, our psychologists work together with each couple to understand and unravel how unhealthy communication styles and conflict patterns develop and evolve over time and their impact in the couple’s lives to date. Once identified, our psychologists look for innovative ways to transform these patterns into healthy dynamics that facilitate meaningful connection.

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on experiences within the family system and often involves the analysis of communication styles and conflict patterns. It may include parents and children of all ages, grandparents, siblings, partners, friends, caregivers, or anyone else who is important to the family.

From a Family Therapy perspective, our relationships are important, and can serve as a support system during stressful or difficult times. Therapists work together with family members to express and explore underlying thoughts and feelings in a safe setting. Ultimately, family therapy aims to allow people to better understand each other’s experiences and to appreciate their needs.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a safe space for individuals to share and learn alongside others, allowing for personal and relational growth. This can be facilitated by feelings of togetherness– for example, listening to another participant share their struggle can often allow an individual to feel more connected and less alone.

This collaborative setting can also facilitate and motivate individuals to gain new perspectives, seeing their lives through a different lens. In addition, group therapy can serve to improve communication and social skills.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children can experience difficulties as a result of life experiences. These can often include: bullying, losing a loved one, parental separation, and major life transitions. As a result, a child may respond in different ways, including the development of maladaptive behaviours, emotional outbursts, mood swings, and social withdrawal. Overtime, this distress can become overwhelming. Child and adolescent therapy offers a safe space for minors to articulate their challenging thoughts, behaviors and emotions in a safe, comfortable setting.

Psychological Assessment & Evaluation

The more we know about our clients, the better we can serve them. Our comprehensive psychological assessments provide a thorough exploration of your family history and your social, emotional, personality, and cognitive functioning. During the initial interview with one of our highly qualified psychologists, the assessment plan is customized based on your specific wants, needs and situation. We have an extensive array of assessment tools available and will tailor your assessment to your unique situation to gain as much insight as possible.

The results of the comprehensive assessment will be compiled into a thorough written report to provide you with an overview of your psychological health. Our practitioners will discuss this report with you in detail and use it to develop next steps for treatment if necessary and desired.

Comprehensive psychological assessments can help you:
● In providing an opportunity for early intervention if you are experiencing multiple difficulties
● Identify any possible psychological, emotional, behavioural, and cognitive issues
● Identify your strengths and any barriers to treatment
● Develop a collaborative treatment plan if you continue to seek psychological treatment
● Understand possible academic strengths and weaknesses if you are struggling in school
● Understand your unique personality strengths and challenges

Assessments include:
Psychoeducational Evaluation
Multidisciplinary Evaluation
Vocational Assessment
ADHD Assessment

Clinical Supervision

At NOVA, supervision, consultation and mentorship has been some of the most meaningful and growth-inspiring aspects of our work. Nova Psychology values being a place of learning and opportunity for individuals with the long-term goal of professional registration. As a part of our commitment to continued growth, we offer clinical supervision to provisional psychologists and student interns to help advance their career and make the most of their professional investment.

Student Intern:
Nova’s internship program is committed to providing a comprehensive internship experience that will ensure that our students are well-equipped to provide optimal care and psychology services to their clients. The primary goal of our training program is to prepare therapists-in-training to become ethical, independent, compassionate, and clinically competent therapists through individualized training with exposure to various types of clients and psychology services.

Additionally, through ongoing evaluation of the training needs, strengths, and interests of our students, our internship program will be tailored to maximize individual student's growth in knowledge of clinical intervention and assessment strategies and the related research, and to facilitate the development of a professional identity.

Registered Provisional Psychologist:
Nova Psychology offers quality supervision to provisional psychologists interested in registering in the province of Alberta. Our hope is that through our learning and skill-development process, emerging psychologists will develop the confidence to step into the mental health industry as a highly qualified, knowledgeable, and ethically-sound professional. Supervision is conducted through direct observation, co-therapy (when relevant), case consultation, ethics and standards review, site visits and ongoing professional development.

Our Story


How it works

Committing to therapy can often feel overwhelming. As a first step, we recommend visiting “Our Team” page to review each psychologist’s biography, qualifications, and specializations. We are proud to have such an eclectic and diverse mix of practitioners on our team and our aim is to find you the perfect fit! The following steps can help guide you through our process.


Book a Free Consultation Call

Call our office at 780.453.9816 to speak with our client care coordinator.  During that call, we’ll get a good understanding of your needs and goals. Then, we’ll make a recommendation for a psychologist who will be a great fit for you. This initial phone call is for you to discuss what brings you into therapy, discuss some of the challenges you are experiencing, and ask any questions you may have about therapy.


Schedule Your First Session

After talking with our client care coordinator or using our free 15-minute consultation call to select a psychologist, we’ll move forward to scheduling an initial session! The initial session is designed to get to know one another. We will begin by reviewing consent forms and discussing confidentiality and its limits. Based on the presenting concerns and information gathered during the initial assessment, we will then discuss therapy goals and options for treatment planning. Though we believe it is an honor and privilege to journey alongside our clients towards healing, we ask that you carefully consider your comfort level as the therapeutic relationship is a fundamental part of therapy.


Establish a Therapeutic Relationship

The first phase of therapy is typically focused around gathering information about your past and the difficulties you’re currently facing and, importantly, looking to see what might be maintaining those difficulties.  All our psychologists are trained in a holistic and comprehensive approach using multiple modalities for treatment.  This means they adapt their approach according to what they think you’ll most benefit from throughout your therapy.


Schedule Follow Up Sessions

For most clients, we suggest meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. However, scheduling is agreed upon between the psychologist and each client.