Family Therapy

"Fortifying the ties that bind"


Families are intricate entities, varying in configurations and sizes. While love and acceptance may characterize some families, others grapple with numerous issues that challenge the notions of warmth and acceptance. The introduction of changing dynamics, such as births, deaths, separations, and growth, adds an extra layer of complexity, making the navigation of harmonious relationships within the family a challenging task. These and various other life events have the potential to trigger conflicts within the family unit.

Indicators of family problems can include persistent arguments, difficulty communicating effectively, challenges in managing anger, and an unwillingness to listen when concerns are raised, potentially leading to physical altercations. The impact of these issues on individuals may manifest as increased stress, heightened anxiety, depression, emotional fatigue, a decline in work performance, and strained relationships with others.

At Nova Psychology, we understand the intricate dynamics within families and recognize the impact that these relationships can have on an individual’s mental well-being. Our dedicated team of therapists specializes in providing comprehensive family therapy services. Rooted in empathy and expertise, our family therapy sessions create a safe and collaborative space where each family member’s unique perspective is valued. We address communication challenges, interpersonal conflicts, and familial stressors, working towards fostering understanding and harmony. Whether navigating life transitions, addressing conflicts, or enhancing family bonds, Nova Psychology is committed to guiding families on a transformative journey towards healing and resilience.

Denae Dobko

Denae Dobko, a dedicated and compassionate registered provisional psychologist, specializes in offering transformative family therapy services. With a keen interest in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Denae approaches therapy with a holistic perspective, understanding that each individual within a family system plays a unique and vital role. Her commitment lies in creating a safe and supportive space for families to explore and understand the dynamics that influence their interactions. Denae skillfully incorporates IFS techniques, delving into the internal aspects of each family member, fostering self-awareness, and promoting harmony within the family unit. Through her empathetic and professional approach, Denae Dobko guides families on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and building stronger connections that endure over time.

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