Play-Based Therapy

"healing through imagination"


At Nova Psychology, we understand the importance of providing a specialized and immersive environment for play therapy tailored to children aged 3 to 12. Our clinic features a dedicated play therapy room designed to facilitate exploration, imagination, interaction, and connection. This vibrant and child-friendly space is equipped with a diverse range of toys, art supplies, and therapeutic tools to engage children in expressive and creative activities. Under the guidance of our skilled therapists, children are encouraged to freely explore their emotions, communicate through play, and build connections in a safe and comforting setting. The play therapy room at Nova Psychology is thoughtfully crafted to nurture the unique needs of young minds, promoting emotional well-being and fostering positive growth through the power of play.

The choice of play therapy approach depends on the individual needs of the child, the therapist’s expertise, and the therapeutic goals. Many therapists use an integrative approach, combining elements from different models to best suit the child’s unique circumstances.


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