Amanda Wyrostok

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity”

Meet Amanda



Every individual possesses the inherent ability to achieve their highest potential. This conviction is the cornerstone upon which the transformative powers of vulnerability and healing are harnessed.


Amanda has always been passionate about mental health and the innate ability to transform our mindset. As an empathetic and compassionate recent Bachelor of psychology graduate from Macewan University, she brings a fresh perspective and genuine understanding to the world of psychology.

Throughout Amanda’s academic journey, a deep interest in understanding the complexities of the human mind and behavior has been evident. This curiosity, combined with rigorous coursework and hands-on experiences, has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of various psychological theories, research methods, and therapeutic interventions. She aspires to obtain her Masters in Psychology and Neurology and continue on to her PhD in behaviour and cognition.

With a strong emphasis on empathy and active listening, Amanda exhibits a warm and non-judgmental demeanor, making clients feel comfortable and safe. She understands the importance of creating a genuine and therapeutic rapport, building trust with clients to foster a collaborative and transformative therapeutic environment. 

Amanda believes in a holistic approach to wellness and incorporates both a healthy mental and physical lifestyle into her day to day life. She is continually seeking new opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills in both of these areas in order to help clients now and in her future practices. Amanda’s genuine compassion for mental health extends beyond her professional goals. She actively advocates for de-stigmatizing mental health issues and promotes self-care and resilience in her everyday life. Amanda believes in the transformative power of mindset and aims to inspire others to embrace their own inner strength and potential.


In her spare moments, Amanda fills her time with physical exercises such as Pilates and yoga, where she can incorporate mindfulness and body awareness. She also loves reading, recently starting a book club with close friends in order to expand her reading repertoire. Additionally, Amanda loves hiking, spending time in the mountains, and travelling to reconnect with nature. Above all, she treasures time with family and her two Dachshund fur babies, Emaline and Benedict.