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Nova Psychology is deeply committed to advocating for children and youth within the Edmonton community. We have proudly joined forces with the Zebra Child & Youth Advocacy Centre to raise awareness for this important cause. Our campaign revolves around the sale of Jellycat plush toys, where every purchase contributes to supporting their mission.
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Zebra Child and Youth Advocacy Center

“When danger arises, zebras instinctively create a protective circle around their young.”

The Zebra Centre emulates this powerful bond by encircling each child with unwavering support throughout their entire journey. Their plush Zebra serves as a gentle reminder that, much like a cherished stuffed animal, the Zebra Centre is dedicated to being there every step of the way for the community’s children.

Mission: They serve children and youth who have experienced abuse, supporting them through the investigative, justice, and healing process with a continuum of multi-disciplinary resources.

Vision: They will be innovative leaders in fostering an inclusive community where every child and youth is heard, respected, and safe from abuse. They aim to advocate for children and youth impacted by child abuse by reducing re-traumatization and engaging in prevention, education, intervention, and research. They aim to build, engage, and bolster child-centered, collaborative partnerships and inspire commitment for their work. Their focus is on investing in developing their team, strengthening their culture, and sustaining their organization to better meet the needs of their diverse community.


All proceeds from the sale of Jellycat Bashful Zebra will be directed to the Zebra Child Protection Centre Child Support Services Programs and ending the cycle of violence towards children in our community.

  • Official Jellycat Bashful Zebra, Medium
  • $30.00 each
  • Black and white
  • 9” tall
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron