"To overcome darkness is to find your own light"


Navigating the complexities of depression can be challenging, but at Nova Psychology in Edmonton, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to help individuals overcome this mental health concern. Depression often manifests as persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest in activities once enjoyed. Our professional team of therapists specializes in evidence-based approaches tailored to address the unique needs of each individual. Through a range of therapeutic interventions, including cognitive-behavioral strategies and psychoeducation, we work collaboratively to alleviate symptoms, build resilience, and empower individuals to regain control over their lives. Our safe and supportive environment encourages exploration of the root causes of depression, fostering understanding and promoting positive change. If you or a loved one is seeking assistance in overcoming depression, Nova Psychology is here to guide you on the path to renewed mental well-being. Your journey toward healing starts here, and our compassionate team is ready to support you every step of the way.

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SYMPTOMS OF depression

Depression can manifest in a variety of symptoms, and the severity and combination of these symptoms can vary from person to person. Common symptoms of depression include:

    • Persistent Sadness: A pervasive feeling of sadness or emptiness that lasts most of the day, nearly every day.
    • Loss of Interest or Pleasure: Decreased interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed, including hobbies and social interactions.
    • Changes in Sleep Patterns: Insomnia or oversleeping, accompanied by disturbances in the sleep-wake cycle.
    • Fatigue: Persistent feelings of tiredness, lethargy, or a lack of energy.
    • Changes in Appetite or Weight: Significant changes in appetite, leading to weight loss or gain.
    • Feelings of Worthlessness or Guilt: Frequent feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or excessive self-blame.
    • Difficulty Concentrating: Trouble focusing, making decisions, or experiencing memory issues.
    • Physical Symptoms: Aches, pains, or digestive problems without a clear medical cause.
    • Withdrawal: Social withdrawal, isolation, or avoiding previously enjoyed activities.
    • Suicidal Thoughts: Thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts.

It’s important to note that experiencing some of these symptoms occasionally is a normal part of life, but when they persist for an extended period and significantly impact daily functioning, seeking professional help is crucial. Our mental health professionals can conduct a thorough assessment and develop an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, please reach out to Nova Psychology for support.


Therapy offers a range of benefits aimed at promoting emotional well-being and overall mental health. Some key advantages include:

    • Emotional Support: Therapy provides a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to express their feelings, fostering a sense of understanding and validation.
    • Identification of Root Causes: Therapists assist individuals in exploring and understanding the underlying factors contributing to their depression, helping to address the root causes.
    • Coping Skills Development: Therapeutic interventions equip individuals with practical coping mechanisms and skills to manage and alleviate symptoms of depression, promoting resilience in the face of challenges.
    • Behavioural Changes: Therapy encourages positive behavioural changes, helping individuals adopt healthier habits and break free from destructive patterns contributing to depression.
    • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Through self-reflection and exploration, therapy supports the development of a more positive self-image and improved self-esteem.


    • Improved Relationships: Therapy can address interpersonal challenges, improving communication skills and enhancing relationships, leading to a more supportive social environment.
    • Medication Management: In conjunction with therapy, psychiatrists may prescribe medication when necessary, and therapists can help individuals navigate and understand their medication regimen.
    • Increased Self-Awareness: Therapy facilitates self-awareness, allowing individuals to better understand their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, contributing to personal growth and self-discovery.
    • Prevention of Relapse: Individuals who engage in therapy often acquire skills that serve as a preventive measure against future episodes of depression, reducing the likelihood of relapse.
    • Long-Term Well-Being: Therapy promotes sustainable improvements in mental health, fostering a sense of empowerment and providing tools for long-term emotional well-being.
By addressing the multifaceted aspects of depression, therapy offers a holistic approach to healing, supporting individuals on their journey to recovery and helping them build a more fulfilling life.


Discover the transformative power of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at Nova Psychology in Edmonton for managing and overcoming depression. Our specialized CBT services provide individuals with practical tools to identify and reframe negative thought patterns, fostering healthier behaviors and coping strategies. Through a collaborative and empathetic approach, our skilled therapists work with clients to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of their depression. CBT equips individuals with the skills needed to challenge and change unhelpful beliefs, ultimately promoting resilience and empowering a more positive outlook on life. Take the first step towards managing your depression and reclaiming a sense of well-being—explore the benefits of CBT at Nova Psychology.