Getting Started



How it works

Committing to therapy can often feel overwhelming. As a first step, we recommend visiting “Our Team” page to review each psychologist’s biography, qualifications, and specializations. We are proud to have such an eclectic and diverse mix of practitioners on our team and our aim is to find you the perfect fit! The following steps can help guide you through our process


Book a Free Consultation Call

Call our office at 780.453.9816 to speak with our client care coordinator. During that call, we’ll get a good understanding of your needs and goals. Then, we’ll make a recommendation for a psychologist who will be a great fit for you. This initial phone call is for you to discuss what brings you into therapy, discuss some of the challenges you are experiencing, and ask any questions you may have about therapy.


Schedule Your First Session

After talking with our client care coordinator or using our free 15-minute consultation call to select a psychologist, we’ll move forward to scheduling an initial session! The initial session is designed to get to know one another. We will begin by reviewing consent forms and discussing confidentiality and its limits. Based on the presenting concerns and information gathered during the initial assessment, we will then discuss therapy goals and options for treatment planning. Though we believe it is an honor and privilege to journey alongside our clients towards healing, we ask that you carefully consider your comfort level as the therapeutic relationship is a fundamental part of therapy.


Establish a Therapeutic Relationship

The first phase of therapy is typically focused around gathering information about your past and the difficulties you’re currently facing and, importantly, looking to see what might be maintaining those difficulties. All our psychologists are trained in a holistic and comprehensive approach using multiple modalities for treatment. This means they adapt their approach according to what they think you’ll most benefit from throughout your therapy.


Schedule Follow Up Sessions

For most clients, we suggest meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. However, scheduling is agreed upon between the psychologist and each client.