Arya Nayar

"If you can choose to be anything in this world, choose to be kind”

Meet Arya



Every individual possesses the inherent ability to achieve their highest potential. This conviction is the cornerstone upon which the transformative powers of vulnerability and healing are harnessed. 


Arya was born in the South Indian state of Kerala but has spent most of her life in the UAE before moving to Canada to pursue her undergraduate degree in Psychology. Having lived in three vastly different regions of the world has provided Arya with valuable insights and experiences. Being a third culture kid has uniquely shaped her perspective and sparked her interest in people, society, and the human psyche.

Arya strongly believes in the importance of being a good listener and creating a safe and inclusive environment for those around her. She understands that we never truly know what someone else is going through, which is why she adheres to the ideology that kindness should be our default choice in this world.

Arya has a specific interest in Psychological assessments after educating herself on psychometric testing. Acknowledging the profound impact of support on individuals, she actively fosters connections where such support can be provided. Fueled by a deep passion for mental health, Arya strives to create safe spaces that encourage open discussions about mental wellness.


Arya is a very curious individual who is always eager to learn, which is why she enjoys picking up a new hobby every now and then. She has always been a massive bookworm, so if she has any spare time, you can often find her with her nose in a book. Arya also has an avid interest in photography and has recently started exploring film photography, which has been an exciting adventure for her. Apart from her hobbies, Arya cherishes spending time with her friends in Edmonton, as they have made the city feel like home for her, especially since she is far away from her family.