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Nova Psychology is proud to support the Edmonton Track and Field Council (ETFC) in their mission to promote and enhance the vibrant world of Track and Field in the greater Edmonton Area. As part of our commitment, we work alongside ETFC to provide access to essential resources such as facilities, equipment, officials, volunteers, and programs, ensuring that athletes of all ages and performance levels have equal opportunities to excel and achieve their personal best. We believe in fostering a sense of community within the Track and Field realm, where collaboration and teamwork are valued, and where every individual is supported in reaching their goals. At Nova Psychology, we align with ETFC’s core values of community, equality, performance, and accountability, and strive to contribute positively to the growth and awareness of this exciting sport.

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Talent Optimization Program

The Talent Optimization Program (T.O.P) is a collaborative initiative by the Edmonton Track and Field Council, Athletics Alberta, and the University of Alberta, supported by the 2001 Athletics Legacy Foundation Board. Its purpose is to systematically guide Edmonton athletes and coaches towards National Podium Performances and National Team Representation. T.O.P’s mission is to identify, develop, and support athletes, coaches, and clubs in track and field, promoting a positive and holistic sports experience that contributes to lifelong value, personal growth, and overall wellness.


To get involved in the Talent Optimization Program (T.O.P), individuals can reach out to the Edmonton Track and Field Council or Athletics Alberta to inquire about participation opportunities. Additionally, staying updated on program announcements, events, and initiatives through official channels such as websites, social media platforms, and newsletters can provide information on how to join or contribute to T.O.P activities.