"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change."

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Meet Tanuja


MENTAL HEALTH ambassador

Every individual possesses the inherent ability to achieve their highest potential. This conviction is the cornerstone upon which the transformative powers of vulnerability and healing are harnessed. 

Her name is Tanuja Anand. Recently graduating with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from MacEwan University, she aspires to pursue a Masters in Counselling Psychology starting in Fall 2024. Tanuja holds a strong belief in the transformative impact of positive regard on the path to healing. With a focus on trauma-informed practices, fostering collaborative therapeutic relationships, and empowering individuals, these values drive her ambition to advance her education.


In her leisure time, Tanuja finds solace in reading, particularly drawn to novels centered on World War II. She holds a strong passion for exploring diverse culinary experiences across the city. Maintaining a list of restaurants, she endeavors to visit a new one monthly. Above all, she cherishes moments spent with her family, finding joy and vibrancy through the company of her nieces and nephews.